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Best Japanese Cloud Ceiling Lights Recommended for Your Rooms

11 Jan 2024

Okay so you are crushing hard on Japanese art styles and want to try and spruce up your spaces with some Japanese-inspired ceiling lights. We’ve got just the best wabi-sabi designs for you. Be it your living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, office or cafe, these lights are sure to brighten the space and create a sense of nature and wonder. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese art form which glorifies simple and naturally flawed beauty. Just take a look at these beauties, mates.


Minimalist Wabi-Sabi Irregular Resin Pendant Light

This minimalist resin pendant light can be installed single, in duplicate, and even triplicate to achieve your desired look. It's a wabi-sabi-inspired style that integrates a 110V-240V LED bulb inside a modern, Japanese, minimalist sculptural structure crafted from premium resin to add a touch of creativity to your space and leave your guests impressed.


minimalist resin pendant light


It's available in various sizes and colors such as white, tan, mars red, tan red, yellow, and gray, allowing you to mix and match it into the desired effect. When lit, each light has a special beauty and can shift from warm to neutral or white light.


The light is not dimmable or smart; all control is via the switch function. However, you can adjust the hanging cord up to 1.5m. Moreover, these lights are perfect for use in the kitchen, dining room, study room, cafe, bedroom, and living room.


Japandi Wabi-Sabi Resin Cloud Pendant Light

This cone-shaped pendant light is a real triumph of the famous Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics. It integrates a 110V-240V LED bulb inside cone-like structures of various colors, including red, white, and gray. The cone is hand-crafted from high-quality resin and blends coarse sand with a paint finish for magnificent texture and visually striking effect.

The bulb can be adjusted from white to warm or neutral light via the accompanying switch control.


Apart from the cone-shaped lights, you can choose the cloud-shaped styles or mix and match the designs, colors, and sizes for the ultimate imperfect beauty. Feel free to add this light to your bathroom, living room, kitchen, study, office, cafe, or any other indoor place that could use some warm, soft illumination.


Japanese Wabi-Sabi Stone Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This ceiling light is designed just like the above cone-shaped wabi-sabi Japanese light but is designed to be attached to the ceiling flush mount style instead of an adjustable cord. It's a modern minimalist design that will work well with different decor themes. The material is durable resin and ABS with a frosted texture that will transform your room into a nature-friendly space.


cone-shaped wabi-sabi Japanese light


Feel free to use this light in your bathroom, kitchen, study, dining, bedroom, living room, or office. It comes in various sizes and colors, such as white, pink, gray, and cement white.


You can install a single light or in duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate and more. Feel free to mix and match wabi sabi stone flush mount of different sizes, and colors to make a fashion statement in your space. 


Minimalist Japanese Wabi-Sabi Cloud Pendant Light

This Japanese wabi-sabi pendant ceiling light is handcrafted from high-density polyethylene and has a special paint finish for added appeal.  It comes in different sizes and shades like white, blue, orange, black, and off-white.


The light design hangs from the ceiling by an adjustable cord into a lovely floating cloud that will surely leave your family and guests inspired. Although the integrated 110V-240V LED bulbs are not of dimmable or smart design, you can switch from white to warm or neutral color temperatures.


Balancing between beauty and functionality can be a struggle when it comes to sprucing up your space with lighting fixtures. But with the above-mentioned Japanese lights, it’ll feel like a stroke of genius. Wabi sabi pendant lights, whether in cloud-like or cone-like design are a mark of beauty and sophistication.


We hope the above-mentioned lights lift your spirits and inspire you to go for this design. The bulbs shine just bright enough whether you need light for cooking, reading or in your shower, bedroom, living room, dining room, or cafe.  Better yet, pair these wabi sabi cloud lights of different sizes and colors in duplicates, triplicates or more for a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.


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